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About us

Our company uses new technologies while retaining the original formulas. We strive to adapt to our customers’ needs and to keep to the highest production standards.

Kávoviny Pardubice, coffeeWe produce and distribute coffee substitutes, roasted and ground cereals, puffed rice, biscuits and sponge biscuits, baking agents, dry mixtures for making pastes and instant cocoa. We distribute cocoa and cocoa mixtures, rice and legumes, mustard.

We have an integral offer for those of our customers who are engaged in catering, i.e. cafeterias of schools, hospitals, sanatoriums, old people’s homes, hostels, etc.

Certificate No. 10032

The company is registered with the Regional Court in Hradec Králové under Reg. No. B 2329, October 31, 2003. We are a holder of the IFS certificate number 10032.